Grooming for cats

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Cats groom themselves for several hours a day, because diligent hygiene is one of their fundamental instincts. While cats do most of the work themselves, we should still regularly comb them in order to ensure a healthy coat. But that's not all that cat owners can do to help their little house tigers get a silky coat and healthy skin.

True beauty comes from within

Nutrition also plays a major role in the appearance of the skin and coat. It is important that food is balanced and consists of high-quality ingredients. Selected food types with the appropriate formulas can help your cat get a shiny coat and resilient skin. But beyond that, cat owners can actively support the well-being of cats. Symptoms such as continual hair loss, a dull coat or flaky skin are mostly clear indications of nutritional deficiencies, which not only cause malaise in our four-legged friends, but can also impair the immune system and vitality.

However, it isn't easy to meet the food requirements of cats in many cases: our feline friends need up to 30% of the daily protein intake just for hair growth and skin renewal. Protein deficiency can therefore quickly lead to a dull coat and irritated skin.

Love is felt in the stomach – health too

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Cats have a mind of their own, as most cat owners know. So it can be a real challenge to convince them to take food supplements in the form of tablets or powders. So why not use a high-quality wet food that tastes good for the cat and at the same time provides valuable ingredients for the coat and skin? The 85 g bags of the Best Selection series from Dr.Clauder's offer the perfect solution. The varied meals are balanced with appropriate oils depending on the taste variation. For example, No. 3 with lamb & rabbit and amaranth includes high-quality linseed oil, which strengthens the skin and coat of cats. No. 4 with chicken and salmon is enriched with salmon oil, which offers cats a very pleasant flavour and a shiny coat. Safflower oil supports the skin and coat of our little connoisseurs in the flavours venison with pumpkin, No. 6 and chicken & pheasant with apricot, No. 7. Best Selection No. 10 with herring & shrimp and chia is a real super food. Both the fish and the chia seeds offer a high omega-3 content and effectively support the coat of cats. The formula is rounded off with safflower oil.

What helps with hairballs?

When cleaning with the tongue, hair is swallowed more and more, especially during the moulting period. Swallowed hairs form hairballs in the stomach and are normally regurgitated by the cat. However, this can lead to discomfort in the digestive tract. Dr.Clauder's Intestinal Paste – Anti-hairball with taurine counteracts this. The special composition of fruit cellulose, malt and fats promotes the natural removal of hair from the stomach and intestines. This can prevent the regurgitation of hairballs in a natural way, which promotes the health and well-being of the cat. In addition, the tasty paste contains the vital amino acid taurine, which is immensely important for the metabolism, digestion and fertility of our feline friends.

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