Responsible Pet Nutrition - since 1957

Every animal is unique. It's not just their character that makes dogs and cats matchless - their needs are also individual. This is exactly what Dr.Clauder has taken to heart in a long tradition and therefore decades of expertise in the production of responsible, high-quality pet food and supplements.

Dr.Clauder's was founded by Dr Heinz Clauder in Hamburg, Germany in 1957. What used to be a food mill back in the day has now become a modern, owner-managed family company. Today, Dr.Clauder solutions for pets GmbH in Hamminkeln on the Lower Rhine employs around 100 people and is active in 65 countries.

Our love of animals, the reason why we develop the products, pervades the entire company – this includes our 10 office dogs and the fact that almost every employee is also a pet owner. So, the motto “Responsible pet food” is not just a slogan. Dr.Clauder’s team is committed to helping people and animals through numerous social projects – be it through donations or supporting animal shelters. These projects are often supported by national celebrities.

Individual feeding with additional benefits

In order to optimally meet the needs of the four-legged friends, each of the approximately 400 different products in the Dr.Clauder range has an individual additional benefit.

From strengthening the immune system to supporting joints and improving fur and skin, Dr.Clauder offers the right product for a wide range of requirements with its extensive portfolio. Our product range includes not only dry and wet food, but also snacks, B.A.R.F. products (biologically appropriate raw food) as well as nutritional supplements and care products. They are always free of chemical additives and manufactured in our own production. This is how top quality feed, "Made in Germany" and of course always refined with a pinch of love for animals, is offered.

We also offer a food hotline where our customers can find out directly from the manufacturer which of our products is the most suitable for their pet. On top of that you can find important tips and information about dog and cat food in our guidebook.

Research & Development

Dr.Clauder´s products are processed according to the latest scientific research. The in-house team from the research and development department ensures that the quality and recipe are always optimized. This is why Dr.Clauder’s is always certified according to the strict food standard IFS Food (a standard in the food sector recognised according to EU guidelines).

Of course, Dr.Clauder’s does not condone animal testing. The origin of our ingredients is also important to the brand - dog and cat owners can see where the food of their pets comes from. The high quality level of the products goes hand in hand with a high level of traceability of the raw materials.

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