PUK Products by Dr.Clauder

PUK Products by Dr.Clauder

We hereby inform you that all attached Dr.Clauder Function & Care articles, under the article no. “PUK”, are manufactured and distributed by us.

The Dr.Clauder’s “PUK”-range is also a true part of the product portfolio which we are continuously offering to our customers.

Therefore, we guarantee under the compliance with our supply chain that all related articles are 100% original from Dr.Clauder.

The only difference between the mentioned articles and the “Non-PUK-item” is stated in the design (Label/Sticker) of the articles. The PUK-items are more neutral labeled with a sole English declaration. Function, Dosage and Ingredients are the same.

Dr.Clauder´s PUK Range

Barcode Art. No. Description
4014355213127 PUK21312 DC F&C Relaxation Complex 30ml GB
4014355214650 PUK21312 DC B&C Ear Care 50 ml GB
4014355214711 PUK21312 DC B&C Eye Care 50ml GB
4014355212526 PUK21312 DC F&C Cat Milk 200g GB
4014355912556 PUK21312 DC F&C Dog Milk 450g GB
4014355312134 PUK21312 DC F&C Glossy Coat Salmon Oil 250 ml GB
4014355312219 PUK31221 DC F&C Mobility Plus J.S. Oil 250 ml GB
4014355312325 PUK31232 DC F&C Energy&Fit P.Fresh Oil 250 ml GB
4014355312424 PUK31242 DC F&C Complex 20 N.Herbal Oil 250 ml GB
4014355212113 PUK21211 DC F&C Glossy Coat Vitamin Paste 100g GB
4014355212717 PUK21271 DC F&C Antihairball Malt Soft 100g GB
4014355213110 PUK21311 DC F&C ActiveIntestine Paste Cat 100g GB
4014355312363 PUK31236 DC F&C Energy&Fit PowerFreshPaste 150gGB
4014355312417 PUK31241 DC F&C Multi Vital Vitamin Paste 150g GB
4014355313179 PUK31317 DC F&C ActiveIntestine Paste dog 150g GB
4014355312288 PUK31228 DC F&C MobilityPlus Joint Powder 500g GB
4014355212120 PUK21212 DC F&C Glossy Coat Salmon Rolls 100g GB
4014355212410 PUK21241 DC F&C ImmuneActive CatMint Roll 100g GB
4014355312141 PUK31214 DC F&C RepairPlus Biotin Tablets 200g GB
4014355912235 PUK31223 DC F&C Mobility Plus Joint Tabl. 200g GB
4014355312448 PUK31244 DC F&C MultiVital Vit. Tablets 200g GB
4014355212540 PUK21254 DC F&C Senior Tonic Sup.Compl. 250 ml GB
4014355312127 PUK31212 DC F&C Coat Plus Hair Complex 250 ml GB


Dr.Clauder‘s dietary supplements Function & Care, are divided into the following categories:

• Hair & Skin, for strong fur and resistant skin • Mobil & Fit, to support ligaments and joints • Intestinal, to support the digestive system • Pro Life, as a support in all phases of life

Depending on the area of application, the products are marked according to the urgency of the existing problem. This makes it easy for every user to find the right product, whether he/she is looking for a product for an acute problem, to prevent possible problems or for long-term, supportive use.

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